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2016 Glacier National Park
via Amtrak - Stayed at historic Park Lodge.

Headwaters of the Mississippi
2015 Adventure

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Schaeffer's Laws
"People will congregate and talk in the most congested passageway."
i.e. Church doors, bottom of escalators, theater isles. 
#2  "The hardness of the butter is
inversely proportional to the hardness of the roll"
"The softer the roll, the harder the butter."

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Camp Michaux
My tribute to a forgotten place. 
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My pictures of the camp are in the book
Jackson Falls
One of my favorite places near Apollo, PA
-  Pictures & Video
Book features the falls! Which has my picture!
National Museum of Broadcasting
Dedicated to Preserve the Birthplace of the Broadcasting Industry
We can use all the help we can get!  Donate your old radios.

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Ku Band, FTA and HDTV antennas     C-Band Dish
Latest Additions to the Antenna Farm 

My photograph of R. Buckminster Fuller 
  I spent three days as his host at Monmouth College in 1965

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Latest Adventures!
States Visited
States Visited: Travel - Extended Stays

1955-1965 Vacationed in Canada - Belvedere Lodge on Balsam Lake north of Rosedale and
                   Fenelon Falls on the Trent Canal system.

1957 & 1960 National Boy Scout Jamborees

1963    Israel - Italy - Switzerland - Germany - France     Drove from Rome to Paris in a VW Bug! 

1990    England - Scotland - Wales - Ireland
            Our Trip To England
                 With links to all the places we visited  

2003    Switzerland - Germany - Holland - Belgium - France

2004    Train and Bus Tour of the Canadian Rockies

2015 - Drove "The Villages" in to Florida & Camp Canaveral's Jetty Park - Missed launch!
           Drove to Monmouth. IL for 50th class reunion and then on to 
Itasca State Park - Minnesota's oldest state park at the headwaters of the Mississippi.

Oinc's Barbeque - Ocracoke, NC

2014 - 7 Day Royal Caribbean Cruse on "Grandeur of the Seas" from Baltimore to Nassau 
Baltimore-based cruise ship departs despite viral outbreak - Judy caught it!

2012 Colorado by Train - (Not exact trip)  -  2012 Christmas Letter

2010 Tucson - via Amtrak  Three weeks in the sun (some of the time.)

2009 Branson, MO - Sat through time share sales pitch for free motel stay and show tickets.

2008 To Dallas and back  - 2460 miles via high school band bus to play North West at Texas Stadium!

2008 Seattle via Amtrak! -  Our rail trip across the country

2006 "Appreciation Tour" of the Western Parks

Grand Canyon and the Fiesta Bowl with the WHHS Band - New Years 2005/6

Machinac Island - Grand Hotel - The Island House Hotel - Island Camera- Fall 2005

Flight 93 National Memorial

Monmouth College  - WFS / Alumni Reunion Weekend June 9-12, 2005  & 2015
    My History of WFS - Monmouth College Radio Station.

Spring 2005  Jefferson National Expansion Memorial - St. Louis Gateway ArchJefferson National Expansion Memorial - St. Louis Gateway Arch.  
Saint Louis Zoo - Home page    St. Louis Science Center

"Noah" Sight & Sound® offers inspirational live stage productions in Lancaster County

2004 Train and Bus Tour of the Canadian Rockies

Niagara-on-the-Lake - Winter vacation 2004 at Center House B&B - Who else goes to Canada in the winter!
     Niagara Falls

Steamtown - National Historic Site - Scranton, PA

2003 Tour - Europe!  Great Time!
  First all Digital Video and Photography on this Trip.  

Camp Michaux - My tribute to a forgotten place -   View Visitors
One of My Favorite Places - Jacksons Falls near Apollo, PA   New book features the falls!

Chemo2002-2003 -Chemotherapy at Hillman Cancer Center.
Completed the 18 chemotherapy treatments as a follow up to my "colon tuck" at UPMC.  
Not as much fun as my successful back surgery for a herniated disk in 1996.
In good hands! Graphic Description!   
Colonoscopy exam!  If your over 50, have it done!
Watching Lord of the Rings DVD on my ald Dell laptop

           wpe3E.jpg (5724 bytes) Surgery to remove Benign Facial Tumor on salivary gland at UPMC Montefiore April 2005

2002 Fall Foliage Retirement Trip
       Tenn in the Fall
       Visit to The Log House on Pine Ridge
       Dollywood® - The Entertainment Capital of the Smokey Mountains
       Kentucky Mountain Bible College

Visit to The Log House on Pine Ridge
Our friends moved to Pigeon Forge,Tennessee. Stayed at Eagles Ridge Resort but visited The Calico Inn the #1 Bed & Breakfast in the country and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

2000 Retirement Road Trip  in October to NE Pennsylvania to See the Leaves

2000 August  Road Trip to Illinois

Williamsburg - Our first "retirement" adventure - nice to be there when there were no kids!

1999 November Road Trip to the Carolinas - Biltmore Estate

Places we have visited "Out West" - Finally online!

Lake Wallenpaupack  - My Pictures - Live Web Cam

Ford Museum & Greenfield Village

Have you been to Kennywood yet?

Bedford Village - Covered Bridges in Bedford County

VW Camper that we took to Yellowstone in 1969.  
Places we have visited "Out West"  on several trips.

Garmin GPS V Waterproof Hiking GPS (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Garmin III - My first GPS 1999

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New Video Editing Computer from - Computer Connections 2005 - Died 2015!

Lee & Debbie

Our Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Christmas Letter 2001 - With links to more information.

Amanda Kathleen Spiaggi & Michael Glenn Conn

Forth of July at Pittsburgh's Point - My digital camera pictures and fireworks links

My web page for our college classmate's daughter's wedding


The Schaeffer Family
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Lee and Debbie

Renee NicoleRenee Nicole Schaeffer
7 lb  1 oz.  Thursday at 9:11 PM

Magee-Womens Hospital

Pictures Renee & Emily

emily2_1.jpg (8198 bytes)Emily Catherine
6 lb. 13 oz. Thursday at 5:20 PM

Patches the Electric Cat
                        Patches -1984-2001

Schaeffer Geology on Roots Web - By another Schaeffer

JUDY'S PAGE - Her Genealogy Page
Judy, Lee III, Cat & Family Pictures

2000 Christmas Letter With Links


Family History
History of the Family of Anthony Schaeffer 1744-1999
Henry Alvindore Schaeffer - How G.Grandfather won the Civil War!
Rev. Lee Schaeffer My fathers ministry
   Chartiers Hill Presbyterian Church - Where my father started his ministry
   Blairsville Presbyterian Church where I grew up

     My father became the pastor of Blairsville Presbyterian Church in December of 1950.  Thus began many years of shoveling walks, cutting grass, keeping the lights lit on the Christmas trees, running the PA system and all the other responsibilities and duties of the "The Preachers Kid." 

  One of the church Elders, Attorney Samuel Miller who lived above the old Blairsville Library, had one of the first 7" Hallicrafter televisions in town.  When he was on the committee to call my father to the Blairsville church, he told me that I could come over and watch it anytime I wanted.  I coveted that set and now have two of them  in my collection of antique television equipment.  He also told me that if I persuaded my to come to Blairsville, I would have a free pass to the local movie theater.

Hallicrafter 505 7 inch.gif (29124 bytes)
Hallicrafter 505 circa 1949
with Channels #1-12

  About 1952 Attorney Miller purchased one of every known piece of audiovisual equipment as a gift for the church.  
As a 10-year-old, I was delegated the assignment of figuring out all of this state-of-the-art technology! 

The recording  the Christmas Service for the "shut-ins" was  father's first idea for the Ampro Tape Recorder 751a. tape recorder that used a flickering neon light to set the record levels.  

Listen to my father's 1959 Christmas Message

"The Tin Cup"  His favorite Story Recorder 1978

 I could not understand why all the people decorating the church were so interested in hearing their voices recorded and played back while I set up the machine.  Not until years later when I became interested in the history of communications that I found that this was one of the first non-commercial recorders available.   While it was new to me, I did not realize that it was also new to all the adults as well.  

These audio visual experiences eventually lead to a degree in The Physics at Monmouth College
Masters degree in Educational Communications at Syracuse  
A 32-year career as the technology coordinator for the Churchill/Woodland Hills Schools.

Technological History of Churchill/Woodland Hills High Schools

Computers I Have Used

    Friden Model STW-10 Electro-Mechanical Calculator - Monmouth College 1960

    IBM 1130 Computing System using 1967 FORTRAN -  Churchill High School 1966
    IBM 029 Card Punch
         IBM Card Reader/Punch for the 1130
         IBM 557 Alphabetic Interpreter
         IBM Card Sorter - The "Thunder Banger"
         IBM 514 Reproducing Punch

    With the help on student assistants in the data center, I developed mark sense card system for ordering films from the Allegheny County Intermediate Unit Film Library.   This system was eventually adopted by the Film Library for all the schools in the county. 

    General Automation SPC series

    Radio Shack Model I - Model III

    TV-Typewrite Cookbook - By Don Lancaster 1973-1975 Bought bare boards and scrounged ICs.
        I kept designing add-on boards to create a TV character generator for Churchill TV.

    OSI Complete system  boardOhio Scientific  1981 $600 
    OSI Web  -   Old Computers Net
    6502 CPU
     BASIC-in-ROM, 4K RAM,
    Our first Home Computer  Used a cassette recorder tape for storage
    I added a floppy drive Nov. 1981 for $311 / Powers Supply $45 / Fan $27 and I made the case.

    The floppy expansion board with 24K of memory which would have cost $1000 but a former student was able to purloin a box of Signetics  "operable rejects from the MIT computer lab.


    Radio Shack CoCo - Old Computers.Com  
       Installed 4 computer labs of CoCos at Churchill High School with networked printers.
       I taught a generation of English teachers how to use the Elite Word Processor.
       Programmed "Stock Market" simulation for Social Studies Economics Course. 
       Began development of my all inclusive Grade Book Program 
       The Rainbow (magazine) - I have almost a complete set if any one wants them.
    MC-10 micro version for my son.

    TRS-80 Model 100  -  First laptop computer - Would run for weeks on 4 AA batteries.

    RS Model 100/102

    Commodore Amiga 500 - For TV Studio Graphics 

    Radio Shack Model 1000 RL - 1984 Almost a PC!

    1987 Converted Stock Market and Grade Book Programs to PC using Borland Turbo Structured Basic.

    2005 First video editing computer: Pentium-4  3GHz  for editing MiniDV GL1Tape  - It died in 2015 

    Dell Laptop Win 98 - Bought for $200 at a computer fair and is still running.

    2013 Dell  8200   i7 for video editing
    2014 ASUS i5 with Solid State C:/ for every day use and e-mail 
    2017 OneBook 801 Win10 for $80



Author of the famous Woodland Hills GRADE BOOK!
It did everything!  Grades - Statistics - Seating Charts - Cooperative Learning Groups etc.
Unfortunately, I don't have enough years left to rewrite from Borland BASIC to Windows.




         Published Letters to the Editor

"Bly was from Armstrong"  - Published in the Post-Gazette - Correction
"Army-Navy Football"         - Published in the January 2000 issue of Smithsonian - First use of video replay.


"By your links shall ye be known"


National Museum of Broadcasting   - Pittsburgh

TV Listings
Comcast: Monroeville -   Excite
   WQED-TV : Schedules  -   KDKA : Schedules   -  WTAE : Schedules  -  WPXI : Schedules
   PBS-SD/DTV - PBS C-band  - PBS Satellite    --  DBS Satellites
    NASA Channel
-Launch Dates - Space Tracker - Space History
  Northern Exposure - Episode Guide

  KQV Radio / Listen  -  WQED-FM Listen   Concert Channel  WESA-FM : Listen / JAZZ Index / NPR News
  KDKA RadioListen   -   WCPE / Listen : Wake Forest, NC (DBS Satellite radio)
  WLFP - Listen (Woodland Hills Football games)  -  WMCR : Monmouth College
  Nation Station Listing

Baird Mechanical TV Camera I found in the window of the "Logie Baird's Bar" in Edinburgh, Scotland
He lived in the same housing block as A.G. Bell across the street from our hotel.

Resources for High School Video Teachers
      A list television and radio resources and the history of radio and TV

Pictures of the WHHS 2009 Radio-TV Crew

How I installed a 10' Satellite Dish!
LyngSat North American Satelites
Ricks Satellite

Xcam Videobotics system  I installed at WHSD board room.


Know Your TV Color Bars








R + G +B W - Blue W - Red Primary W- Green Primary Primary

Internet Search Engines


wpe26.jpg (5098 bytes)
Very close to the first train I had.

Punxsutawney Phil
Groundhog Day  

Many years ago, groundhog pups were given to Indiana County Boy Scout troops to raise.  The most sociable one became "Phil" at Punxsutawney's next groundhog day.  I got to raise Phil one summer since our house was next to the Blairsville church where  Troop #4 met  (And where my father was the minister.)   The Indiana BSA Council took him with us to the 1957 Jamboree at Valley Forge, PA.  Since Phil has national fame, we were asked to bring him to the remote studio of the "TODAY SHOW with Dave Garoway"   We had to get up before daybreak and hike several miles to get there in time.  When we arrived, we were informed that a bread truck hit a telephone pole and knocked out the coaxial cable back to New York and so we lost our 15 minutes of fame!

Feeding Phil at Jamboree - 1957

Every RADAR view is different.
View them all and
make your own call!

The Weather Channel
Interactive Radar Map

Local Dopler Radar
- NE Radar   GOES   Forcast


Unisys Weather - Really detailed

Intillicast Weather - Forecasts

Weather Cameras


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    LiveLeak.com - Video clips   -   NPRWMCR


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